Our mission is to provide you with a total experience, not just a fishing trip.


Excellent Adventures

A unique and complete fly-fishing travel business serving your needs since 1994. We only offer fly-fishing trips to destinations that meet our standard of quality.

Our hosted trips sell out annually and there is usually a waiting list for the following year.

This happens because we have hosted trips that are scheduled during the best fishing days at every destination.

A Fly-Fishing Experience You Won't Forget

We believe that everyone deserves a well-spent vacation. This is why our goal is for you to have a spectacular one when you spend your break with us. You can be sure that our friendly staff will always be at your service. Come and visit us today.

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Additional Services

We offer and schedule activities at the end of your fishing day for those anglers who just want to do more. In addition, we schedule activities for that non-fishing partner.

Keep in mind that it is your vacation and we will have the activities all set for you. It will be up to you if you want to participate or not. We guarantee that you will need another vacation with us when you come home from a trip with us. Come and visit us on your next fly-fishing trip. We know you will not be disappointed!

Available Destinations

The trips highlighted on this site are all guided experiences. For those anglers who would like to do things on their own, no problem. We can make travel arrangements for you or your group of anglers to any destination. Some of the destinations available are:

  • Alaska
  • Baja
  • Central America
  • Central California
  • Lower 48
  • Yucatan